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Our Goals for Education

Broad Outlook, Strong Creativity and Deep Sensitivity

Our Goals for Education

Drawing on a history and traditions that date back to the establishment of the first Gakushuin school in 1847 in Kyoto, Gakushuin today is a private educational institution that provides an integrated educational program. As set forth in the school code, this educational program seeks “to provide an integrated program of education that, from kindergarten through to university, cultivates individuals of noble character and steadfast judgement; individuals who, possessed of thoughtfulness and deep awareness, are ideally equipped to contribute to the modern world.”

Our specific educational goal is to nurture outstanding individuals possessed of

a broad outlook, strong creativity and deep sensitivity,

and we continue to send out into society many capable and talented young people.

Bearing in mind our rich history and traditions, and acting in accordance with our educational goals, we believe that Gakushuin should seek to fulfill its social responsibilities by continuing to develop a program of high-quality education and research; a program that truly represents Japanese culture and education, and that, by striking a balance between moral, intellectual and physical education, nurtures individuals who are capable of contributing actively and creatively to society across a range of fields, both in Japan and overseas.


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